Hidden Wells of Wisdom is an amazing book collaboration with 15 women across the United States who took the challenge to visit a few strangers at their local nursing homes or assisted care facilities. The purpose of the challenge was sacrifice. The women were to sacrifice their convenience, time and comfort zones for the sake of being a blessing to someone else.

In the United States, more than 1.5 million people live in nursing homes. The majority of nursing home residents receive little to no visitors. If this isn’t crazy enough, most people don’t realize the amount of wisdom stored in the many seasoned vessels who live in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. The point is, God hides the answers to our prayers in plain sight!

The women were challenged to sacrifice their time and their convenience, but in exchange, they received so much more! They received love, wise counsel, comfort, and healing. Many of them even committed to visiting and volunteering often. In other words, their families grew as well as their knowledge!

Hidden Wells of Wisdom will inspire and challenge you to come out of your place of comfort and go share the gift of love with someone in a facility near you. Challenge your friends, church members and family to do the same! Your life will be forever changed by your encounter!


We’d love for you to challenge yourself and go visit one or more random strangers in one of your local nursing homes or assisted living centers! You may be one of the people selected to submit your testimony to Hidden Wells (Book Two) or we may share your encounter on our website! And don’t forget to share your experience with us by hashtagging #hiddenwells #takethechallenge

And if you will, tag at least ten people that you know, and challenge them to do the same! By the way, you can also share your encounter using the form below!

Rest in Heaven, Alice Buckner. Thank you for your contribution to Hidden Wells. We honor you and thank you for loving God’s people! I’m sure you know by now that your seed has not gone unrewarded!